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With over 25 years of experience in the PCB manufacturing YuCha Electronics Co. Ltd has established itself as a pioneer name in the industry. We relocated the production facilities from Taiwan to China in DongGuan City in the year of 1999. Our major focus as well as core capability lies in PCB and PCBA fabrication.

Boosting of state-of-the-art PCB board manufacturing production facility it is a constant endeavour to improve and upgrade PCB, PCB assembly and PCBA soldering techniques. Our team of highly skilled engineers have mastered the art of coming out with best PCB prototype and final product. With a strong and skilled manpower and world class production set-up the company is growing from strength to strength.

Today our firm is regarded as one of the best PCB Manufacturer in China. Having catering to diverse market demands for last 25 years our experience and knowledge in PCB Fabrication in China has an edge over other competing players in the market.

It is due to the goodwill and stellar reputation that YuCha was selected by giant mobile phone developers like Samsung and Sony as well as other players gave company a chance work with them. Our range of PCB prodcuts are made as per global standards with all necessary updates done on regular basis. It was due to high level of finesses in technique and design that major players gave us a chance to deliver them PCB and PCBA products.

The reason our firm has been able to consistently deliver is due to the fact that we have gained expertise and knowledge. Sales team people have worked in tandem with client to understand and cater to their demands. Skilled at each task right from product design, coming out with exact prototype to having best production phase.

The clients are spread across the globe with local customers also being served. We have set up our production base by bringing advanced equipments that are handled by skilled technicians and special focus is on adhering to strict quality control. All processes are monitored to ensure that the final product is error free and ready to perform once attached to any electronic device.

Our products are priced competitively and that what’s makes them most preferred ones over those available in the market.

The recent addition of online quote system is introduced to make things easier and speedier for clients. Here the client can upload all requirements along with exact measured and quantity. They can track orders and also make calculations. Uploading PCB files or PDFs has also become hassle free no.

With the firm expanding and progressing at good pace today YuCha is regarded as one of the best PCB Exporter in China and also a well-known Supplier in China. It now a company that everyone prides in.

The company is quick to adopt new changes and keeps itself technological advanced. Based on customer feedback and demand changes are made and integrated into the system.

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